If you're a diehard R.E.M. fan, you're probably super excited that they released a new anthology out of nowhere this past week. The 131 track collection (seriously, 131 songs) has a ton of live recordings, B-sides, and non-album cuts from their time on Warner Bros. Records that was from 1988 - 2011. This release is in addition to their 1991 and 2001 MTV Unplugged sets and 50 rarities from their time on IRS Records which came out this week as well, so it's safe to say that there is a literal ton of awesome R.E.M. stuff out now - and it may just be the beginning. In an interview with Billboard, he said they're planning on putting out even more:

"We have a lot of stuff in the vaults, a fair amount of stuff that’s never been released. We all want to do something with this stuff. We know we’ve got some really good things hanging around. We just want to put them out in a way that makes them as special as possible, because they’re special to us. I mean, if we’ve been sitting on stuff for this long, why go cheap with it now? Let’s try to make it be special rather than just dumping out the vaults."