In very sad news, 27-year-old Scottish producer Ewan Robertson, also known as Offshore, has passed away from unknown causes.

Robertson was a part of the Big Dada label and also was an established visual artist. He owned his own design studio named Oscar & Ewan, which he ran with Oscar Bauer. In addition to his studio work, he designed several album covers, including the cover for Bonobo's Black Sands.

Below, you can view a quote from the Big Dada website on the loss of Robertson.

"An incredibly subtle man, part of his talent was to make difficult things look easy. His recent record, Bake Haus, was one such example, apparently thrown off without breaking a sweat, but actually the result of considerable thought and skill - the minimalism a deliberate choice, beautifully delivered on. He was also, in addition to his many talents, one of the finest individuals we have had the honour of working with - straightforward, positive, funny and understated, he was a proper gent."