It's something of a monumental occasion today as Los Angeles-via-Philippines artist and producer Spazzkid – last scene bootlegging a remix of 'It G Ma' – gives up his moniker to continue making music under his birth name, Mark Redito. The name change arrives not only as a self-assured sign of artistic growth, thinking that his new direction wouldn't "mesh" with his old sound, but also as a result of the offensive implications of the old moniker itself (even if it is named after a band).

"After careful research into the various uses of the word “spaz” as a derogatory term, I no longer feel comfortable representing my music and art with a term that has the power to hurt a large group of people," he writes in the email sharing the track. "While it was never my intention to offend anyone, I owe every person aggrieved by my old moniker a heartfelt apology, and this is just that. I’m sorry."

Fittingly, he's celebrating this fresh start with a track called '3am Apologies', displayed to the world via Ryan Hemsworth's friends-only, not-a-label, Secret Songs. Redito sings softly above fizzing chords sweeping out into the void, these more crooning parts alternating with a dizzying dub-flavoured section that also call to mind the atmosphere of Obon (a Japanese festival held in the summer), as well as the swaying rhythms and offbeat melodies that punctuate its music; all of it focused on these after-dark beats, these skewed melodic phrases, and these various sets of ornamentation – chimings, drum rollings, the use of the space between sounds – and Redito's knack for layering all these elements into a rich, seamless collage at his tracks' crescendos, as he's done here.

Check out his mix from our Plastic Platform series, back when Mark Redito was Spazzkid.