Graphic designer Storm Thorgerson sadly lost his battle with cancer yesterday.

"He had been ill for some time with cancer, though he had made a remarkable recovery from his stroke in 2003," reads the statement from his family.

The legendary artist was responsible for some of the most iconic album covers of all time, from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, all the way through to his work with the Mars Volta. Basically if you've seen a surrealist album cover and thought "wow" - it was probably down to him (whether directly, or indirectly). He also directed videos for the likes of Yes, Bruce Dickinson, Pink Floyd and Paul Young.

"We first met in our early teens. We would gather at Sheep's Green, a spot by the river in Cambridge and Storm would always be there holding forth, making the most noise, bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. Nothing has ever really changed," says Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. "He has been a constant force in my life, both at work and in private, a shoulder to cry on and a great friend. I will miss him."

He passed away at the age of 69.