Not one to usually brag about his sexual prowess (oh wait, no, that's right...he is one to brag), R. Kelly is back with another song focused around how good he is in bed. Whilst nowhere near as over-the-top ridiculous as 'Sex In The Kitchen', new single 'Genius' is mainly focused around R Kelly declaring what a genius he is in bed. He explicitly states, "tonight, you're lying with a sex genius." And yet, just like 'Sex In The Kitchen', it's annoyingly catchy.

The lyrics are utterly ridiculous still. It gets to the point where attempting to describe his own sexual prowess, and the endeavours he will embark on with this mystery female, ends with him simply speechless, reverting to "you got me like la la la la la la la babe." It's ridiculous, it's often times laughable, but it's distinctly R Kelly. The track is set to appear on his 12th solo album Black Panties (but of course) which is due out in November.

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