R&B crooner R Kelly continues to grow his Trapped In The Closet project by launching a new interactive soundboard of his cult 'hip-hopera'.

Imaginatively entitled Trapped In The Soundboard fans will now be able to access clips from all the main protagonists of R Kell's epic musical series including lothario Sylvester and as his wing man Twan, while Rosie, Rufus, Pimp Lucius and The Reverend Mosley James Evans are just some of the other characters available.

There will be twenty clips in total however to access them all you'll have to do your bit to promote the project. Facebook likes of both R Kelly and the Closet sagas, as well as follows and retweets on twitter will unlock more content.

Since 2005 the Trapped In The Closet has stretched to thirty installments and more are in the pipeline with R Kelly promising that the series "is pretty much forever." Rumours have also suggested that the project will follow Green Day by crossing from the charts to Broadway and even a book may be in store.