Because we just can't stop keeping you updated on R. Kelly, it appears that new chapters of one of the greatest dramas the modern era, Trapped in the Closet, will appear on IFC in 2014! There promises to be "more chapters filled with intense drama, crazy situations and tumultuous relationships" for "this epic saga with more secrets, infidelity and unyielding passion to save their relationships." Sounds like just about everything we know and love from Trapped in the Closet.

The press release states that the characters Sylvester, Rufus, Cathy, Tina, Roxanne, Rosie the Nosy Neighbor, Randolph, Twan, Pimp Lucius, Dr. Perry, Reverend Moseley, and Beeno will all be making their return, which is great news. If you've somehow not seen the first 33 chapters, you can watch them all over at IFC's website, and they'll be broadcast on the station on 7 December.

If you haven't heard his filthy new album Black Panties yet, you can stream it here.

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