Legendary genre-bending maestro R. Stevie Moore is set to release a new compilation, Personal Appeal. "Oh no," you cry. "Not another compilation!" Don't fear – this has Moore's very own stamp of approval: "This is a great list of track choices! Finally, not the hits again, but hidden gem obscurities. I dig it lots…" As the master of lo-fi becomes fashionable once again, the allure of his previous work grows.

'The Grandfather Of DIY''s back catalogue is studded with countless rarities and hidden gems. Moore's spent 50 years creating music and has left an indelible mark upon the industry as a whole over the course of his illustrious career – now we get the chance to glimpse some of his more obscure material once more (in shiny new packaging!), that originally came from his 'Cassette Club' and not from his more major records. Many won't have heard much of what's on offer on Personal Appeal. It careens through a melange of genre: freak-folk, bluegrass, orchestral rock, surf-pop and country, touching base on all the facets of his groundbreaking work.

Grab Personal Appeal, a look at R. Stevie Moore's less-known wonders, August 5th via Care In The Community. Listen to 'Sort of Way' over here.