Lips - 'Nightcall'

Amazing cover of the Kavinsky classic. This one really grips me for some reason.

Garbage - 'Push It'

Saw this again for the first time in ages last week. Is it just me, or was the late '90s exteremly superior in making amazing videos? A kind of Fellini-esque nightmare. The album was the soundtrack to my stupid teenage years, every song bringing back memories of broken hearts and stupid mistakes.

Thea - 'This Woman's Work'

Future superstar and lovely friend Thea makes this song her own. And you can glimpse our eternal confidante and genius Mats Jönsson in the video as well! Love this!

Die Antwoord - 'I Fink U Freeky'

Love the band, love the track. They just continue to be amazing whatever they do, even if they're fighting robot cops in movies. And there's basically not a frame in this video that's no a perfect piece of art. I get stuck in this kind of depression meets glee-feeling, it's something I can really relate to.

Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith - 'Not In Love'

The ultimate proof synths can express more emotions than guitars. Robert smith is better than ever. And the lyrics just break my heart.

RABBII's new single 'New Friends' is out now.