Swedish newcomers, RABBII (aka Revolutions Are Best Before Initial Inception) are prepping the release of their new single 'Chameleon' on March 25th via Swedish independent Hidden Mothers but have delivered the cut's urgent visuals today. 'Chameleon' is a cool glassy electronic piece dealing with the negative feelings that result when trying to conform to society's expectations. (Although from vocals to production to the stirring visuals, the band surpasses them.) "We want our art to feel so organic, that every cable and wire is more like a living thing. I think humanity is in this weird 'eye of the storm era' right now," the band said in a statement.

RABBII were formed in Stockholm by Johanna Berglund and Felix Persson, who write songs based on personal experience and the dark side of human nature. The band are currently in the studio in Sweden, working on new material.