The third Radfest, Sexbeat's London all day festival, is due to take place this August the 21st at the Bussey building, London. They've got one hell of a lineup - The Wedding present, Trash Talk, S.C.U.M, Mazes, Shimmering Stars, Gross Magic, The History of Apple Pie and Mob Rules amongst others are all playing, as well as other attractions such as a zine swap, record fair and a vegan carribean BBQ. whoa.

On top of all that, 100 of the 1,000 people there will get a copy of their mixtape, which can be heard below.


  • 1. The Wedding Present – Whole Wide World

  • 2. SCUM – Fountains

  • 3. Shimmering Stars – Sun’s Going Down
4. The History Of Apple Pie – You’re So Cool

  • 5. Mazes – Summer Hits

  • 6. Gross Magic – Yesterdays
7. Deceptor – Soothsayer

  • 8. Mob Rules – Sleep

RADTAPE III by sexbeat

Be there. It's gonna be amazing.