Streaming services have become a huge part of the music industry in the last few years, it's currently one of the most popular ways to consume new music, but so far it's potential as an indicator and aggregate of the UK's taste has mostly remained untapped. Well, that might be changing soon, according to someone who should know. George Ergatoudis, BBC Radio 1's and 1Xtra's head of music, seems to have announced in a Tweet last night that figures from Spotify and other streaming services will soon be counted in Official UK Charts.

The Official Chart's Company launched a separate Streaming Chart in May 2012, but it seems like it'll be merged into the main chart sometime soon. This is a belated bold step into the future from one of music's old guard that could result in a complete overall of the charts as we know them today. It'll be exciting to see what random acts could be sitting atop the charts in a few years time.

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