Most radio stations rely on playlists. Most rely upon the repetition of familiar tunes. Resonance104.4fm, the award-winning radio station which famously does not have playlists, presents an entire day devoted to a single song. Radio Yesterday presents 24 solid hours of radio in the company of The Beatles' Yesterday, reputedly the most covered song in history - in as many cover versions as it's possible to secure. Midnight to midnight, the day after Sir Paul McCartney's 68th birthday. Radio Yesterday works on many levels. It's a forensic examination of variations on a theme. It's an homage to an enduring masterpiece. It's an investigation into what turns a pop song into currency. It's a satirical take on 'golden oldie' playlists. It's a exercise in casual listening taken to a crazy extreme. As comfort zone turns into endurance test and back, Radio Yesterday is presented as a conceptual radiophonic artwork by Resonance104.4fm. Radio Yesterday will air from midnight to midnight on Saturday 19th June on 104.4fm in Central London, and online at Tune in and have a listen, and tell us your favourite tracks below!