Recently we reported on a YouTube user named QuintonSung who made 8-bit versions of Radiohead's classic records, Kid A and OK Computer but now, there's another special treat, an 8-bit version of 'Nude', a select track off of the band's LP In Rainbows.

I really hope the video game industry gets this guy a job somewhere making music, it would be fantastic for him and the entire scene as a whole as it's rather obvious he's quite talented when it comes to this sort of thing.

You can view the video for the 8-bit version of 'Nude' below and with Quintonsung posting "Get as many big ideas as you want. It’s going to happen. Soon." alongside the new video, who knows what will be converted to 8-bit next. I'd go crazy for an 8-bit version of 'Fake Plastic Trees', what about you?