Is Spotify a good or bad thing for artists? That question's difficult to answer, certainly, but it has been given renewed focus by comments that Radiohead's Thom Yorke made via Twitter on Sunday. While his band's catalogue hasn't been pulled from Spotify (yet), Yorke has managed to have both his solo debut, The Eraser, and side-project Atoms For Peace's AMOK album removed from the service. Not everyone on his team views the popular streaming service as a negative aspect of the modern music industry, however.

Radiohead's co-manager, Brian Message, was recently interviewed on BBC Newsnight (of which there is a 4-minute clip below), and he said that, while he respected Yorke for opening up the debate, "a whole range of managers look at new technology developments such as Spotify as a good thing. Streaming services are a new way for artists and fans to engage. As a manager of Thom I obviously sit up and take note when he says, 'Listen guys we need to look at how this works.' It’s a healthy debate that’s going on right now."

Message went on to say that, "as the model gets bigger I think we'll find a place where artists and managers and all creators can all receive what they regard as equitable remuneration. It's not black and white, it’s a complicated area. There’s been over 20 attempted reviews of copyright and how it operates in the internet era, and there’s been no satisfactory solution to it. The bottom line is, technology is here to stay."

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