Ahead of the release of his seventh studio album The Wild, which drops tomorrow (March 24th), Raekwon has teamed up with SUBPAC to bring you the ultimate sensory experience. In case you're unfamiliar with the name, SUBPAC is a developer of a new audio technology that enables listeners to physically feel the music instead of "just" listening to it.

"We always bring you innovative new technology on the forefront," Raekwon says, while SUBPAC co-founder John Alexiou explains that "the sonic and lyrical impact of Raekwon’s music will now be felt throughout the body. Full physical immersion is the future of how music will be experienced."

Only fifteen RaekwonxSUBPAC custom units have been created, and will be hand delivered to supporters and lucky fans; they feature a custom SUBPAC M2, lossless .wav audio files, and headphones. You can learn more about SUBPAC here.