I've been a Londoner for about 5 years and was a South Londoner for about 6 months. My six months of being in the 'bad-lands' was made sweeter by being a ten minute train ride from a community I respected way before moving to the capital. I am of course talking about Banquet Records. Their tag-line reads 'More Than Your Local Record Shop' and that's right on the money. They put on great nights/gigs, run an incredible record label/shop and actually give a damn about what they do. If you're a Londoner with good taste, no doubt you've been to New Slang; the indie night with awesome bands and DJ's. Well they've recently moved home and guess what the previous Landlords have done? They've gone and put a night on themselves called 'Propaslang'. Well done guys, you've missed the point entirely. The whole scene you're trying to grab the coattails of aren't stupid and certainly aren't loners sat in a shopping mall. It's a community you stupid bastards. You do realise nobody but yourselves are going to be at your night. Their facebook page is ridiculous. BETTER DJ's? BETTER BANDS? Are you having a laugh? Seriously? What they also don't understand is that NO band will play their night now, that's the part that makes me laugh. By making such a cynical move, they've closed the door on any sort of success. Two steps you must follow: 1. Head over to the RAGE Against 'Propaslang' Facebook group and show your support. 2. Head over to the Propaslang Kingston Facebook fan page and possibly call the number on their info page? I'm not suggesting you call them up and tell them they're wankers or anything. That would be immature. Do what you feel is best. 3. Tell everyone you know about this. Blog it, tweet it, facebook it. Do whatever you can to make sure nobody goes there by accident. If the Banquet Record tag-line is 'More Than Your Local Record Shop' then I'm pretty sure Propaslang's would be 'Nothing more than a bunch of thieving, cynical, hack job cunts'. Rant over.