RahRah is going to be your new summer obsession. And the 405 has the track to prove it.

On 'Midnight Vibes', RahRah shows she has the vocal and pop chops for a summer anthem. The track balances mellow party pop and glitchy electronic beats, but there's a classic sway in the music. 'Midnight Vibes' is perfect for a Saturday evening car ride where you just need to howl at the moon a little bit.

As RahRah puts it, "I love 'Midnight Vibes' because it reminds me I can be forever young at heart. I often go on adventures just to get away from everyday life and enjoy some freedom and excitement. I want this song to take you to that place."

With 'Midnight Vibes', RahRah encapsulates the eternal youth so many misunderstand. Her youth is one of energy and optimism that there's more to life than the daily drudgery. It's not some vain attempt to regain past glories.

So, take a moment to chill and let the feel-good vibes of RahRah's 'Midnight Vibes' set you on course for a better weekend.