UK duo Raime thrive on creating uneasiness and even discomfort through music that could easily function as the score to a post-apocalyptic film.

Thrilling as their debut Quarter Turns Over a Living Line was, it was also so barren at times and unfolded at such a pace that you could almost feel the music literally decaying around you. Tooth is a less suffocating experience, but it's no less disquieting. It's an even more intriguing exercise in slowly building tension, one where Raime have given themselves more room to explore with greater depth. The slight adjustments do nothing to compromise any of the gloominess shrouding their music, and songs like 'Dead Heat,' Hold Your Line,' and 'Glassed' are all strong examples of how the duo have slightly refined their approach of using live instruments to forge an equally sinister but smirking sound.

Tooth may not be any less difficult to take in as a whole, but this time around, they've at least offered a slightly easier entry point into the sometimes bleak but fascinating realm they occupy.