I'm not sure why, but after hearing the inspiration behind Rainer's debut single, the beautifully spacious 'Girls', I am unashamedly hooked. "'Girls' is kind of about how far people go to try to make themselves look like perfection in their own eyes," Rebekah Raa, one half of the duo and responsible for Rainer's vocal chops, explains. Wow.

"You walk through Leicester Square on a Saturday night and it's absolutely ridiculous." Ridiculous as it may be, but we should be thankful for those scantily clad youths, if only for the fact that it has prompted the pair to spawn one of the brightest singles of the summer.

After disbanding the promising Stricken City in 2011, Raa sought solace in the lush soundscapes and deft strokes of producer Casually Here. Simply through astute scrutiny or one of those remarkable musical inevitabilities, his production proved the perfect foil for Raa's fragile delivery, peppering the spaces between her vocal with crackling percussion and meandering synths. This is no more evident than on the duo's initial double offering, 'Swallow' and 'Silence', the latter's four minutes of slinking, hazy escape flaunted as a free download if you were quick enough.

That was four months ago, however, and, as previously mentioned, Rainer have a new double A-side single on the horizon. 'Girls' was revealed first, a wickedly danceable, earworm of a track, that sounded more polished and immediate than anything they had released thus far. In fact, it sounded readymade for the radio waves, an element that BBC Radio 1 picked up on and accordingly obliged. "We're really pleased it's finally out and we've had a nice reaction online. It's exciting."

'Money', the other accompanying release, is another success, a pulsating, foul-mouthed groove from start to finish, bursting with icy synths and atmospheric harmonies. It's no surprise that the internet has embraced the track in an explosion of appreciation and hyperbole.

As for musical influences, well, take your pick. "I guess I'm into a lot of pop," Raa ponders. "Lykke Li, Robyn, Fever Ray, that kind of stuff."

"I'm probably more into weird electronic stuff," Nick counters, before confessing a further admiration for American hip-hop and RNB. It's a stark contrast, sure, yet the duo relish the opportunity to embrace what many would view as a potential hindrance. There's talk of "homework", namely Raa being introduced to the brilliance of Hudson Mohawke and her refusal to lend an ear to a Freddie Gibbs mixtape for being a little too inappropriate for the gym. "In general, most of the stuff that Rebekah's brought along I've really liked," Casually Here admits, and maybe that's the secret that too many artist's lose sight of.

So, I muse, What's next for Rainer? First up, I'm informed, there's the hugely exciting whisper of a single launch (in fact, as I chat to the pair, they have just halted a draining day of rehearsal for it), now confirmed to take place in the sweaty, bustling throes of Birthdays basement in Dalston on the 9th September. Later on this month, too (the 29th, to be precise), the pair have crept onto a stellar line-up at London Fields Brewery, rubbing shoulders with, not unlike themselves, some of the most promising names in electronic music including Darkstar, Brolin and Amateur Best.

It's the subject of future releases that I'm most curious about though. "A four track EP before the end of the year," Casually Here pledges, "and hopefully an LP next year."

"We've got to do a couple more tracks and then figure out how we want the LP to sound," Raa reaffirms. "We'll finish twenty of them and that's a pretty good base for the record. We just want to get on with it and get it all out as soon as possible." With the deafening levels of expectation bubbling around Rainer, their confidence is admirable.

It appears that the pair's slab of collective experience, (Raa's impressive endeavours with Stricken City and Casually Here's wealth of production knowhow), has led to them, with Rainer, forging an outlet that is well equipped for crafting mature yet impossibly infectious, fun pop. If 'Girls' and 'Money', coined by Rebekah herself, are "life's most important currencies," Rainer have purchased themselves a slice of power. Power to control the airwaves. All-encompassing radio domination is surely imminent.

Rainer's single launch takes place tonight (9th September) at Birthdays, Dalston. Listen to the single below (buy it here).