We've been pretty impressed with the music 18 year old Londoner Rainy Milo has released so far, and her debut album This Thing of Ours will finally be seeing the light of day on 3rd March through Limey/EMI. She's confident beyond her years and that shines in her music, which is a unique blend of pop and R&B with just a hint of soul. She released a video for her track ''Bout You' late last year, but she's come out with a new version of the video that you can check out after the tracklist.

Rainy believes that her young age has only helped her find her voice, saying “It’s a fresh voice. I think you can tell that a lot of the things I’m singing about, it’s the first time that it’s happened to me. Not naive, but innocent. When you listen to an artist write a song about something they’ve written about before, you can almost hear the knowingness. It’s like they know what the audience wants and they give it to them. I don’t know what the audience wants yet. In fact I don’t think about the audience. I do it for me.”

Pre-order This Thing of Ours here.

  • 01 Are You Sure
  • 02 ‘Bout You
  • 03 This Thing Of Ours
  • 04 Rats
  • 05 Miss You
  • 06 Treasure Girl
  • 07 In This Place
  • 08 Deal Me Briefly
  • 09 Wimbledon
  • 10 So Uneasy
  • *11 Bankrobber
  • *12 Below My Reach
  • *Deluxe iTunes Album Version Only