Putri Soeharto is a Jakarta native that sought refuge in writing poetry during those stressful college years. The more she wrote, the more her flow developed the sort of swagger often found in rap. She'd only listened to rap and hip-hop in passing and without much interest, but that changed when she heard Kanye for the first time. This expanded her taste, leading to a love of Tyler the Creator.

Putri chose her stage name, Ramengvrl, as an ode to her love of Japanese culture. She then partnered with the Indonesian hip-hop collective label Underground Bizniz Club (UBC) and has been busy making money moves ever since. A couple singles under her belt, Ramengvrl has a new international single, ‘WHACHU MEAN’. And the 405 is here with the premiere.

About the track, Ramengvrl says, “By the time I was writing the lyrics, I was pretty annoyed with people who came up to me and acted all friendly, when I knew all they wanted was to get clout in some type of way. And when I don’t respond to them, they start talking about me behind my back. I just want to address these type of people—people who snitch and be all fake. ‘WHACHU MEAN’ literally means ‘what do you mean’. It's like, you're being nice and friendly and all in front of me, but I know what you’re actually up to. So, it’s like I’m asking them, ‘Whatcha mean, bro? Just tell me what do you want?’ Don’t ask me how I’m doing if what you been really trynna say is ‘yo can we collab’—I don’t have time for chit chat! I prefer sleeping and playing Final Fantasy on my PlayStation 4.”

The bite in Ramengvrl’s words is only supplemented by her relentlessly unamused swagger. Lines don’t work on a poet like that. Snarling, dilapidated synths and chest crushing bass drum kicks are her crew leering right behind her. When she speaks, it’s best to listen. There are no minced words or missed beats. This is a cold, calculated call-out that’s guaranteed to get the vibe off right for your night out.

She’s made a name for herself in Indonesia and now has her sights set on the rest of the world. Best to keep your ears open.