Back in December Rap Genius hit the headlines for their rather sketchy link-building techniques, which caused Google to downgrade their page rank on search results (the punishment was eventually lifted following a rather funny apology), but today they're gaining digital news inches for trying to go legit.

It has been confirmed that Rap Genius have signed a licensing arrangement with Universal Music Publishing Group, allowing the website to continue annotating songs written by their roster.

"We love UMPG!" wrote Rap Genius' co-founder Ilan Zechory. "They have a truly incredible stable of writers - we will lend them a wheelbarrow for the Grammys they are about to win! Rap Genius lets UMPG's writers connect with their most obsessed fans, and we couldn't be more excited about solidifying this partnership."

This is pretty big news in the 'lyric website' world.

Rap Genius and Google kiss and make up over link building anti-controversy.