Rashad Owens, the driver behind the fatal car crash that claimed four lives and injured 17 others at last month's SXSW festival, has been charged with 20 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in addition to his already standing charges of capital murder.

A judge has set the bail for each new charge at $100,000 dollars, which will be added onto of the $3 million bail placed on the capital murder charge. No new murder charges have been brought against the 21-year-old even though one of the victims, 18-year-old Deandre Tatum, died as recently as last Thursday.

In an interview with The Statesman, prosecutor Amy Meredith predicted the case against Owens will likely be presented by mid-June, "or else Owens will become eligible to be released from Travis County Jail under his own recognizance".