If you're familiar with Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania band Rave Ami, then you know they make some pretty tuneful and occasionally ramshackle indie that sometimes feels a little lackadaisical. The music, on the other hand, is anything but that. Their songs burst with plenty of crunching volume and power, and enough subtle complexities to keep things interesting.

Their sound is clearly indebted to the 90s but not so much that they would sound out of place on modern playlists. Last year, they put out a really good album called All Great Bands Break Up, and, now, Rave Ami has returned with a new single called 'Or Alike,' which we're premiering today on The 405.

Like much of their music, 'Or Alike' has all the earmarks of 90s indie, but with a more noticeable "slacker" bent with drawling vocals floating over crunching walls of fuzzed out guitars anchored by a consistent backbeat. It's a familiar sound, but one they wear pretty well. Considering how many different strains of rock music Rave Ami are influenced by, 'Or Alike' is a pretty nice summary of one of many styles they can easily turn into their own.

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