Raye is done waiting in line. She's the one people pay tickets to see and wait in line for now.

The London-based pop talent is back with an electric new single and the dancefloor-savvy singer has dedicated her latest hit to the women who put in work to go out and look good. And during an anticipated set at The Great Escape Festival last month, she delivered a live acoustic performance of the track on the Vevo dscvr stage.

"To get into a club you have to kill yourself in heels, drown in makeup with a tight dress, maybe a bit of cleavage will help you out too. Me going as ‘myself,’ wearing what I wanted, didn’t cut it," she said about the single. "You have to fit within the boundaries and expectations put on you. Watching all these casually dressed men waltzing past me in the queue really pissed me off, so I wrote this tune." Watch her performance below.