Raz Fresco is one of Canada's most resilient artists. A young staple in Toronto's globally impacting hip-hop scene. At just 22-years-old, the Bakersclub founder boasts a laundry list of A-list production credits and an astounding discography in his own right. But recently, that resiliency was tested when Raz was stabbed in the chest, with the blade wedged just centimetres from his heart.

Thankfully, the Pablo Frescobar-rapper has healed up and is currently prepping the release of his new forthcoming mixtape HUSTLE (How U Survive Through Life Everyday). In anticipation for the project, watch Raz face his betrayers in the life-imitating video for 'Come and See Ya.'

"I wanted to give this to the fans as a gift to start the New Year, before I drop my new project How U Survive Through Life Everyday (H.U.S.T.L.E.). The song & video represent my come up, the people I've lost along the way, and some of the betrayal that I've faced. The craziest part about this video is the ending and how life recently imitated art. Wasn't my time. Happy to be here," he said. Watch below.