Most people have unfortunate memories of Ska at this point. We all remember that ska band that used to play high school dances with a horrible pun for a name and constantly asking us to dance. What we should remember is that ska gave us The Specials, the English Beat and the Selectors. Hopefully, Razika can remind people why ska was great in the first place. Comprised of four young women from Bergen, Razika makes fun tunes that work for summer. Their music is equal parts The Specials, Camera Obscura, and the Long Blondes. 'Nytt Paa Nytt' is off their new album and it is a perfect introduction to the band. The music is upbeat and completely danceable. Yet, it retains a bit of that edge and darkness that a good Specials tune always had. Really great stuff from such a young band. They have recently opened for the Arctic Monkeys and a tour is currently in the works.