Silence is one of the most compelling sounds, or lack thereof. It can make us more sensitive to, paranoid even, other sounds. When the loudest sounds come from your own head, then the paranoia turns inward. Partials sing about their own tortured relationship with silence in their newest single, 'Fear of Silence', debuting today.

Coming from the Athens, GA music scene, it follows that the song itself is lively, as ironic as that may be. The six-piece meshes several melodies all at once at the track’s heart, creating sonic textures as they intersect. Partials will release this as part of a larger EP, Glossolalia, that will more wholly demonstrate their diverse influences, though both Talking Heads and the Elephant 6 collective seem to have an impact when you listen carefully. It will also explore a specific philosophical quandary, though it may only be relevant to our android descendants in the coming millenia: “The EP as a whole explores how humans are beginning to experience machine problems and machines are beginning to experience human problems.”

Glossolalia is out this Friday via True Blue/Beverly Martel. Follow Partials on Twitter and Facebook.