Morning Parade have been hard at work touring in support of their latest album Pure Adulterated Joy which came out yesterday in Europe, but they took some time out of their hectic schedule to jot down a Track-By-Track for us about the album. If you have yet to check it out, you can stream its lead single 'Alienation' below, and if you like what you hear you can pick it up on iTunes here!

Shake The Cage:

Shake The Cage is born from frustration, the undercurrent of malfeasance and disillusion that was floating around when I wrote the lyrics. It was a song that we considered not even recording but the lyrics felt integral in demonstrating the message of Pure Adulterated Joy.


It’s an internal debate, a result of the media that was infiltrating the periphery of my life, to become bothered by the questions you dare not ask, those that can’t be answered, or to simply ignore it and focus on the things in your life that you can control. It’s a kind of existential anxiety I guess.

Reality Dream:

In essence Reality Dream is about realisation, if we subscribe to the values the media sells us, we can’t ever truly experience the real beauty in our lives. ‘All we want is to give our hearts to someone else, love that is everlasting, the kind of love hollywood sells, the happy ending is all we really ask, don’t spend your life pretending, your happy end already passed’.

Love Thy Neighbour:

One of the oldest songs in our catalogue, an idea that has been around since before the first album. I like to think of it as a weird suburban nightmare, it’s about craving control where is there is none.

Car Alarms and Sleepless Nights:

It’s about the parasitic nature of love, manipulation, greed, blackmail, not really love at all. An impossible situation.


Autoinjector is a song about the side effects of mainstream media. It’s bite size ephemeral quality. Instant gratification: YouPorn/Asphyxiation/A threesome/Adulteration. Coming back and forth from tour at similar times each year means the same spew is pouring from the television every time, I find it very dull.

Sharing Cigarettes:

Sharing cigarettes is about emotional debt, trying to run from its manipulative qualities. Relationships get dark sometimes.


Another song that has existed in many different versions for a while. I wrote the lyrics after a particularly dark and wintery trip to Detroit for a show we played with the Smashing Pumpkins. I couldn’t believe I was in America except for the huge GM building in the middle of the city.

Pure Adulterated Joy:

It’s at the heart of the record because we felt it perfectly represented the spirit and theme behind the album. Social media was our window to the world while we were touring the first album… ‘I found my heart at the drive thru on the information superhighway of guts and spew’.

Culture Vulture:

It was the first real set of lyrics I wrote that I was happy with. A stream of consciousness, a kind of rap, so different to anything we’d done before and it felt like a huge step forwards. It’s about life just happening, before your very eyes, passing you by, and being so sadly aware of it.​