The new record from Memory Keepers is the second from the Austin duo in a year, and they promise it won’t be the last. Which is a good thing, since these tracks feel like they are sprinting out of frame, like Road Runner off to trick Wile E Coyote. Listen to both sides of Faint Ink below and check out the band’s tour dates as well.

“We recorded this 7-inch, plus an Eno cover just before heading out on tour last summer, then mixed them in Houston before the first gig! I personally enjoy “vocoding” the lyrics to ‘Faint Ink’ the most! There’s a raw energy there, that somehow feels playful at the same time. ‘Found Sound’ kinda reminds me of entering the highway from an on-ramp and having open road ahead. The beat goes on forever.”

Memory Keepers are deft proto-punks. Comprised of Jared Paul Boulanger and Amarah Ulghani, the band maintains a steady groove amid a sea of machine fuzz. The release is comprised of ten urgent, yet colorful minutes, beginning with the namesake A-side. As they allude, the B-side, ‘Found Sound’, feels like entering the chrome world of Blade Runner. Both complement the other, while showing a wealth of ideas on how to energize a room. Turn the amps up and bask in the noise.

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March 1st at Swan Dive (7-inch Release)
March 10th at Hotel Vegas (Side One Track One vs Austin Town Hall Records SXSW showcase)
March 15th at Kitty Cohen's (Noisy Ghost PR 5th Birthday Bash)