Phantastic Ferniture, the trio comprising Julia Jacklin, Elizabeth Hughes and Ryan K Brennan, today released their debut album Phantastic Ferniture. As an entryway to the album, they have given us a little insight to each of the 9 tracks.


'Uncomfortable Teenager'

This was the last song written for the album. Lyrically it’s based on the feeling of being an awkward, desperate to be cool teenager going to house parties in the Blue Mountains. Just longing to leave to move to the city but being stuck. This was an interesting song to write. Ryan brought a demo to the band and Liz took a small part of the riff which is the main guitar melody you can hear. Then Julia came up with the vocals. This is the last song we wrote for the album.

'Bad Timing'

This song is based around just two chords. Julia came up with the chorus sitting at a redlight in Redfern, Sydney. The music video is where we really push the use of fern imagery to the limit.

'Fuckin and Rollin'

This was the first song ever written for the band. Our first bass player Tom Capell came up with the bassline. He and Ryan recorded a demo of the song - just drums and bass. We played our Christmas show and kind of forgot about the band and the demo after that. Ryan and Liz were in the studio a while later and F&R came on and it reminded us of how fun it was to play, so we finished tracking the demo. We originally made a super DIY film clip for the demo. It featured us down at blackwattle bay (where the current clip is filmed) jumping on on old mattress while people walked by. It was filmed all in one take on an iphone gaffa taped to a stick, stuck in the ground. We played the song on an iphone amplified by a paper bag which lay next to the mattress. We can safely say that film clip cost $0 to make. About as DIY as film clips come!

'Gap Year'

The breakdown at the end of this song is so much fun to play and sing live. The title is referencing the desire to leave your life for a year and leave all your responsibilities behind. The song is from the perspective of someone left behind.

'Take It Off'

This was the second song we wrote and was one of two tunes played at our first show 'The Phantastic Ferniture Christmas Extravaganza First and Last Gig'. We considered dropping this song a few times, and would cut it out from the set every so often. But the crowd always commented on it when we played it so we brought it back. We had one loyal fan who would always yell out “Play the black keys riff song!”. So we would.


When the crowd comments on this song they usually say “I really liked that one that sped up and slowed down a lot”. Sometimes we use this one to get the ladies to the front.

'I Need It'

This song is probably our darkest, potentially longest tune. It’s really nice to balance out our poppy, fun numbers with grittier songs. One of the best riffs!

'Dark Corner Dance Floor'

This song name epitomizes our attitude towards phan fern - don’t overthink it. It was the first name that came to mind for this song.

'Mumma y Papa'

This song centres around a lyric “Mumma y papa bear said never play with fire”. Obviously this is going to become a proverb one day.


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