An email from Steve Albini, legendary rock producer (his credits include Nirvana and The Pixies) and founding member of noise band Shellac, has been published by XL-signed Electronic artist Powell via a billboard in London today.

The email originated from Oscar Powell's attempt to clear a vocal sample in his forthcoming release on XL. Steve Albini, never shy of being outspoken ripped modern electronic music apart exclaimed that "I am absolutely the wrong audience for this kind of music. I've always detested mechanized dance music, its stupid simplicity, the clubs where it was played, the people who went to those clubs, the drugs they took, the shit they liked to talk about, the clothes they wore, the battles they fought amongst each other... basically all of it, 100 percent hated every scrap...I detest club culture as deeply as I detest anything on earth. So I am against what you're into, and an enemy of where you come from".

Fortunately despite this embittered rant, Steve Albini did allow Powell to use the sample expressing that he can "do whatever you like with whatever of mine...Don't care. Enjoy yourself". I feel this isn't the last we'll hear of Powell vs. Steve Albini.