Last month we launched our Readers' Poll 2014. We said a lot about being democratic and that, getting your opinions rather than making anybody accept our own as gospel. And we're really glad that we did listen to you because, collectively, you've come up with quite a lovely list of music.

It does make you wonder a little bit why judges even exist. How can we on one hand promote democracy, then on the other be very snobbish and elitist when it comes to music? There should be no elitism in music. No snobbery. No pretend experts. Even when you say something is a "guilty pleasure", you're tacitly submitting to the naysayers who'd have you believe that Led Zeppelin is better than Spice Girls, or that Mariah Carey's 'Emotion' is literally nothing compared to any track by Arcade Fire, or, like Frasier Crane, that classical music and opera trumps all. Well, fuck them. You are free to like what you like. There are no guilty pleasures. Just follow your ears.

And thankfully that's what you have done. Many, many hundreds – if not thousands, I can't remember the exact number – of votes later, and here we have this list. Basically, the thing (artist, song, album, remix, etc.) that got the most mentions in each category is the winning thing. Simple. Simple and democratic – a delicious dish.

You selected Jesse Kanda's artwork for LP1 by FKA Twigs as your Cover of the Year. Head here to see it in all its glory.

You selected The War on Drugs' Lost In The Dream as your Album of the Year.
Head here to listen to 'Red Eyes'.

You selected FKA Twigs as your Artist of the Year.
Head here to read our review of LP1.

You selected Ibeyi's Oya EP as your EP of the Year.
Head here to listen to 'River'.

You selected SOPHIE's Boiler Room Mix as your Mix of the Year.
Head here to give it a spin.

You selected Låpsley as your Ones to Watch artist for 2015.
Head here to listen to 'Station'.

You selected Flume's remix of 'Tennis Court' by Lorde as your Remix of the Year.
Head here to listen.

You selected Caribou's 'Can't Do Without You' as your Song of the Year .
Head here to give it a listen.

You selected 'Never Catch Me Now' by Flying Lotus as your Video of the Year.
Head here to watch it.

You selected RTJ2 by Run The Jewels as your Free Album/Mixtape of the Year.
Head here to download it.