You can tell a lot about a guy by what he eats. R. Kelly, the guy responsible for those dinosaur role play lyrics, 'Girl I'll get you wet, It's like a rainforest, Like Jurassic Park, Except I'm Sexasaurus, baby" obviously has a love for palaeontology that feeds more than just his sexual appetite.

But when he's not creating rainforests in the bedroom and having prehistoric sessions (shudder to think about the Jurassic Park T-Rex scenes) it turns out R. Kelly likes his nuggets dinosaur shaped - and this isn't another sexual innuendo; this is according to his actual shopping list, which also included...'go-gurt'. Dinner at R. Kelly's sounds pretty fun!

This is one celeb who is not concerned about fats and additives or nutrition at all really. He has bigger fish (fingers?) to fry after all. You know, like ruling over R&B and writing really long rap operas - anyone remember 'Trapped in the Closet'? Still, it seems R. Kelly really knows how to woo a lady - but the question remains, did Kelly drop his game forgetting the potato smiles and spaghetti letters? Nonetheless, who can resist a man with breaded dinosaurs on his menu. Go ladies, go ladies, go ladies!

The 'Pied Piper of R&B' has announced he'll release Black Panties, his tastefully named 12th studio album, on November 11th and has said that on it he'll share many details of his crazy life as an R&B icon - question is, will his interesting dietary needs - like his penchant for sorbet - feature? Because evidently, one sorbet isn't enough for this star who put three types on the list; guess a guy has to cool down after all the women, sex, fast cars and clubs. Getting some potassium with three (again, very specific) bananas, this list just serves to prove that R. Kelly knows what he likes and what he likes is to mix it up; as he once said, "See I'm not crazy but my talent, man, got bipolar." This list is a little bipolar and probably took a lot of talent to write.

No stranger to a spot of controversy, it's no surprise that this star likes to mix it up amongst the grocery aisle. Let's face it though, Robert Kelly could live off fruit loops and he'd still keep bringing it. Like chatty old Kanye, his respected talent and inflated ego allows him a lot of leeway - and it takes a lot of talent and ego to counter what is frankly an absurd existence. The absurdity is key as it makes it hard to take this big personality too seriously and, at the end of the day, he does take himself seriously enough for all of us anyway. Love him or hate him it's hard not to laugh at him. After all, this man 'believes he can fly' people, even with a bad diet.

Black Panties is released on November 11th. You can find Kerry on Twitter: @KerryFlint