Purveyors of the most winsome indie pop of the last decade, Real Estate, have announced their return with a 4th album this year. The new record, In Mind, will see release through Domino on March 17th.

Quite a lot has changed for Real Estate since the release of 2014's Atlas; some have moved homes, others have become fathers, but for the band itself there has been a big change: founding member Matt Mondanile has left the band to focus on Ducktails and other life-related things, and in his stead they have drafted talented experimental multi-instrumentalist Julian Lynch.

You can get a first taste of how these changes have affected Real Estate with the below song and video for opening track 'Darling'. The tracklist for In Mind is beneath.

In Mind tracklist:

  • 1. Darling
  • 2. Serve The Song
  • 3. Stained Glass
  • 4. After The Moon
  • 5. Two Arrows
  • 6. White Light
  • 7. Holding Pattern
  • 8. Time
  • 9. Diamond Eyes
  • 10. Same Sun
  • 11. Saturday