Real Estate doesn't come to the UK too often, but when they do, everyone in London and their mothers knows about it. Today, the band will be dropping their third record, Atlas on Domino Records.

A few weeks ago, Real Estate played a sold out gig at Bush Hall on February 19 with the Scottish duo Honeyblood. Cranking out a hefty set list consisting of 17 songs (including an encore), the indie lo-fi surf rock band was delighted to share about 80 percent of their new material. That same evening, the New Jersey based band hosted an after party at Notting Hill Art Club where Ducktails--side project of guitarist Matt Mondanile-- played a live set and DJ'd.

After a morning full of interviews and live sessions, the band invited The 405 out with them to Exmouth Arms for a quick bite to eat where they chowed down on (surprise) fish and chips.

So why did you guys decide to kick off your promo tour in the UK and Europe?

Martin Courtney (lead vox, guitar): Well, our label is based in London so they kind of make us come here [laughs].

Where are you going next?

MC: Amsterdam and then home.

How did you feel about the show last night?

Alex Bleeker (bass, vox): Good show! It was a really beautiful place to play. I liked the whole aesthetic of the hall.

MC: Yeah, it wasn't that great on stage because of the sound, but it was a really fun show for sure.

Do you ever notice a lot of differences between crowds in the UK versus the U.S.?

AB: Honestly, it depends, but I don't think that different from the U.S. crowd. It really depends on the city anywhere in any country. There are tons of variations within the U.S.

Matt Mondanile (lead guitar, vox): In big cities, people tend to not move as much. They're a little more self-conscious in the bigger cities. All big cities are like that, that's the way it is. It really seems like...

AB: ... it's not cool to be excited! In New York, people are like that.

MM: In San Francisco it's like the best crowds. In the smaller cities, people are just there, hanging out.

AB: They're all so free, baby. They're free!

MM: It's so cool. They're honestly the best crowd, I think.

MC: Chicago crowds are always good too. Those are big cities too, but they all have different characters, you know?

MM: The cities like London and New York...

AB: ...the cool cities.

So your new album is coming out in a couple of weeks. Could you talk me through the whole process of putting that together? How long have you been working on it and what's different about it in comparison to your previous works?

MC: We've been working on it for a while. We really worked on it early last year for eight months practicing, getting the songs together. And then we recorded it pretty quickly. We recorded it in the summer for two weeks and we mixed it in the fall, and then we mastered it in the late fall and it was done early November. So most of last year was devoted to this album.

Why did you decided to name it Atlas?

MC: Just because of some of the themes and what's going on with the record.

I don't know if this was your decision or the label's but I kind of wanted to know why you picked 'Talking Backwards' as the first single off the record? Was there any particular reason?

MC: It sounded like a single to us.

AB: We felt like maybe the most people possible could get excited about that one song from the album. It's not exactly super indicative of what the rest of the album sounds like, but it is probably the most attention grabbing, upbeat track of the record.

MM: It just seemed like a good way to get people pumped and excited. It's not really my favourite song on the record, I like it, but I think that there are a lot of better tracks so it's a good way to get people into it.

I liked a lot of the newer songs that you guys played last night. Did you play any of your favorites?

AB: Yeah, we played about 80 percent of the album last night.

And how was the after party?

AB: Good! We stayed up pretty late. I'm kind of paying for it right now, I'm tired.

Is there anything else that you want people to know?

AB: Come see us next time we're in London!

MC: Yeah, we played a really small show this time. Hopefully next time more people will be able to come out. It gets sold out so quickly. We don't want people to be discouraged.

Do you prefer the smaller venues usually?

MC: It can be fun for sure, but it's kind of a bummer on Twitter when you see people being like "I'm trying to come to the show." So many people didn't get in, but it's fun to play a smaller, intimate show for sure.

Atlas is it out now. Check out their latest video release of the track 'Crime' below.