Sweet, sultry and soulfully produced, Rebounder aka Dylan Chenfeld has delivered synth pop charm in the form of ‘Meet Me At The Bar,’ the singer-songwriter's follow up to last year’s single ‘Japanese Posters.’

Because ‘Meet Me At The Bar’ strikes a smile of DIY charisma, many will be quick to deem the track as lovingly lo-fi. But the fact of the matter is. Rebounder’s latest is expertly and pristinely produced to the highest quality. The whole bedroom pop aesthetic is beginning to lose its luster, and artists like Rebounder are proving that it’s possible to uncover pure quality by doing everything by oneself in the confines of their home.

With a refined but genuinely self-made feel, the former Blonder guitarist and talented multi-instrumentalist pairs this charming sound with lovelorn lyrics that pay homage to the place that raised him to become the artist he is today—New York City. In the official music video for ‘Meet Me At The Bar,’ a passing homage of images and clips of bands, cinema and various other pop culture references which have influenced Chenfeld growing up as a New York City artist, flicker by, including those of Wes Anderson’s filmography, The Great Gatsby, New Order, A$AP Rocky, David Bowie, Frank Sinatra and Lou Reed just to name a few.

But as I mentioned before, this song is bittersweet and lovesick and comes from a place where Chenfeld was going through a breakup:

“This song was written entirely in one go,” Chenfield said. “Some friends and I were at a bar that was totally empty...once you were there in this empty bar, it felt a bit like you were removed from the madness of the city, even though it was just one wall between, the vibe was like the last bar on earth. I was going through a breakup, which is what the song is about, it all just locked in and made sense…”

Listen to ‘Meet Me At The Bar,’ watch the official music video above and follow Rebounder on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.