The tenebrous East-London collective Old Apparatus have undergone a hot streak of creativity this autumn with the release of three EP's in relatively short-succession, culminating in the murky, introspective techno tones of drone-magnet Harem that was released recently.

Not a great deal is known of OA aside from that they're four producers, and, intriguingly each EP release is accredited to one of the members - for example LTO the brainchild behind first in the trilogy Release. There's a danger these days in acts hiding behind a veil of secrecy that can in fact do the reverse affect of it's purpose - the focus becoming on this self-created non-existent persona, which paradoxically becomes the persona. A superb recent piece in Dummy expands on this idea further.

OA dodge this potential pitfall by a) Being extraordinarily good at what they do and b) Each release unearthing a fresh sound to the ensemble by way of the lone producer behind each EP as mentioned previously - a triumph in the relationship between individualism and collectivity. Oh and c) Some exceptional visuals in terms of artwork and video releases.

Anyway now that they're all out it's fascinating and a deep pleasure to indulge in the set back to back, and it makes for a, well, slightly sinister experience, yet a beautifully immersive one.

Realise, Alfur and Harem are all out on their own newly created label Sullen Tone. Their first release, Derren, is also out on the imprint, but for some reason I (and seemingly they?) have chosen not to include it with the others here. Hey three's a more mythical number right?