How many colours are there in the world? Pantone probably don't even know. But they keep coming up with new ones, adding new numbers and names to their swatches.

This means Paul Octavious' newest mission might take a while – or maybe never end at all. Called 'The Pantone Project', it sees the Chicago-based photographer attempting to match up each and every Pantone colour to everyday objects. It began about a month ago, with the first photo 'Pantone 19-3438'. Bright Violet is matched to corresponding flowers (not violets, disappointingly, but it's still a nice shot all the same).

As well as the occasional floral photo, his project has continued and now features a variety of match-ups, including a jogger in a green tracksuit (that'll be Pantone 7726) and a park bench (Pantone 166). It's worth keeping an eye on for sure.