It looks as though Tidal have sent labels their first earning reports. One of these reports, from an unnamed indie record label, has been shared with the public - and it shows Jay Z's "baby" is paying almost double in royalties per stream.

Spotify claims to pay an average of 0.72 cents ($0.0072) per stream to its rights' owners, while, and according to the leaked report, Tidal is paying 1.2 cents ($0.012) in royalties. Jay Z's company is currently retaining 30% of the profits, which is 5% more than what was initially announced, but it could be from first-month discrepancies resulting in Tidal's relaunch (it's been available in certain countries since last year).

The report comes at a time when Jay Z's streaming service has been highly criticised, with the app dropping out of Apple's App Store Top 750. Hov recently took his Tidal vision to Twitter in an attempt to defend the service.

Source: Digital Music News