Hello, I’m Kris and the wonderful people at The 405 have tasked me with the sometimes odd, sometimes enlightening, but definitely fun task of shopping online to find some of the rarest, strangest and best vinyl out there for you to get your mitts on. It could be the reissue of that album you should have in your collection, it could be that box set you didn’t know you needed until now or it could just be a random LP that has caught my eye for being plain daft or just because it made me smile.

Here are this weeks five I’ve plucked from the vaults of various online records shops.

Number 1: Coming from Croydon my first choice this week is close to my heart, St Etienne released this singles box set for Record Store Day earlier this year and I think you should join me in jumping on the 90’s reprise bandwagon, with bands like the Horrors developing a sound reminiscent to Depeche Mode and The Stone Roses, its only a matter of time before girls are wearing scrunchies and boys are wearing 21inch bottomed trousers. The cheapest place I’ve found this collection is at banquet records here.

Number 2: Well, this caught my eye because its massive. Well, its massive if you are a Smiths fan, if you’re not then to you, to you this only a big box containing all 4 studio albums re-mastered by Johnny Marr on Vinyl LP, as well as 4 popular compilations that have again been re-mastered by Marr. And just because the vinyl won’t fit in your car stereo or in your computer to be ripped the package also comes with all 8 albums on CD made to look like vinyl, if you don’t have a car or a computer then you can just hold them and pretend you’re a giant. Now this is £149 (here) and a bargain but if you happen to have a few extra quid down the back of the sofa then you can go for the deluxe edition of this box set which as well as above includes, 25 7” singles, The Complete Picture DVD, 8 12” prints of the album artwork, single and album artwork posters and a code to download all of the above on MP3 so you don’t have to break the packaging! All of that will set you back a mere £249 but well worth it in my eyes, with my birthday falling this Thursday I’ve just sent the link to my girlfriend. (buy here)

Number 3: My third choice comes from a band who I believe should never have split up, earlier this year The Answering Machine, not long after releasing their second album the band announced in a hand written letter on their website that they were going to stop making music together. As a final farewell they announced that Lifeline, now their final album, would be released on vinyl in a limited 500 copy run. There is still a limited number available and if you haven’t ever heard this band then I strongly suggest you do so now and get your hands on a copy here.

Number 4: Earlier this year Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox, better known as Panda Bear, released Tomboy, the follow up to critically acclaimed Person Pitch and it's a psychedelic treat from start to finish. The newly repackaged special edition is limited to just 5000 copies. It comes in a 4 LP set including the album, single mixes and previously unreleased tracks and with all proceeds going to The American Cancer Society. It is now available for Pre Order from Rough Trade here.

Number 5: I suggested their might be some strange releases in this feature from time to time and here is the first, in 1970 about 6 months after the Beatles released Abbey Road, Booker T and the MG’s, an R&B group hailing from Memphis, released a tribute to what is one of my favourite Beatles Albums, all tracks are fully instrumental and the band lend their very own R&B twist to them all. I had never heard of this album until this weekend when researching this feature but I turned everything off and listened to as much as I could on YouTube with a nice cup of tea and my feet up. While it might sound like the kind of thing you expect to hear in a shopping centre lift or your dentists waiting room it really is better than that and that is probably why it has just been re-released (buy here)

Written by Kris De Souza