So last week, I write this feature for the first time and this week we hear that vinyl sales are up a whopping 41%. Now, I’m not suggesting for one minute that there was a correlation between my five suggestions last week and this rise but if any labels out there want to get in touch and send me some lovely vinyl to say thank you I won’t complain! But why is there such an unprecedented rise in sales though, when almost every one in the world owns some kind of MP3 device these days, why is this format experiencing such resurgence?

Almost certainly events like Record Store Day have contributed and raised awareness to the next generation of music buyer to the wonders of vinyl. Also, a number of bands have started giving away a free high quality MP3 version of the album with every vinyl purchase, making it a much more tempting proposition to buy a vinyl rather than a CD or bog standard MP3 copy. However, I’d like to think it’s because vinyl is iconic, it has longevity, it's purist, it’s the smell and it’s the fact it is undoubtedly more collectable. Its like unwrapping a present, sitting down and flicking through your collection, picking one that catches your eye, slipping that plastic disc out of the cardboard sleeve and placing the needle down to hear the initial scratching before that first note kicks in. It’s history in your hands; it’s a piece of art in its own right and not the cold impersonal process of typing into an iTunes search bar and double clicking a selected track. So, why not take a gander at my five recommendations for this week and help boost these figures further...

Number 1: I know nothing of techno, nothing at all; all I do know is that this choice looks amazing! French Techno veterans John Lord Fonda / Heretik System have released Jabba's dialect / Bad Reception on a disc that looks like a giant circular saw blade so even if you don’t like what’s coming out your speakers just imagine how great it will look spinning round your turn table?! (buy here)

Number 2: Is a special box set from AED Records, limited to just 150 and including singles from Broken Hands, Rotifer, Wide Sea and Linden. Each is presented in a hand written and individually numbered box and includes 4 AED cards. An absolute gem of a collection and with production from Edwyn Collins the pedigree speaks for itself, just hurry up and order now because these won’t hang around for long. (buy here)

Number 3: Rough Trade have billed this as a piece of future ebay gold and I’m inclined to agree, hand written and hand titled this is the debut single from Cold Specks. Specks (aka Al Spx) hails from Canada and is somewhat of an enigma. What I can tell you is this is a beautiful track and the voice is one that will prick the hairs of your neck up. (buy here)

Number 4: This week saw the re issue of Teenage Fanclub ‘s Deep Fried Fanclub. A collection of alternative versions, B-sides and rarities originally released in 1995 the Scottish stalwarts are giving fans another chance to own this classic on LP. As well as the vinyl you’ll get an MP3 copy of the album. (buy here)

Number 5: Last week I promised that I’d throw in the odd curveball to this feature and I’m staying good to my word this week. Have you ever been listening to Nirvana and thought to yourself, man this is great but I want something with a bit more of a reggae feel? You probably haven’t but this collection of carefully picked Nirvana tracks has been given the going over from Reggae legend Little Roy. Battle for Seattle includes covers of 'Sliver', 'Come As You Are', 'Lithium' and 'Heart Shaped Box' and other well known classics. I reckon I listened to this version of 'Come As You Are' half a dozen times today, utterly brilliant and available from Banquet Records here.

Written by Kris De Souza