Today we revisit our 'Black Friday' Record Store Day special from a few weeks back.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, an annual event originally set up by American retailers to try and temp consumers into their shops to buy heavily discounted products, but now the guys behind Record Store Day have adopted the day as well so instead of spending your hard earned cash on Amazon or Apple, you can head to your local record shop buy some lovely vinyl. As with the main event, more and more bands are now producing limited edition releases and re-issues and the shops themselves are putting on entertainment and giving out extra goodies, so without further adieu, here are my top ten picks for this RSD Black Friday.

1. Earlier this year saw the fortieth anniversary of The Doors iconic front man, Jim Morrison’s death and the bands final album with Morrison before that death, LA Woman has been given a 7" Single Box Set release which includes The Changeling, Riders on the Storm, Love Her Madly and fourth single of studio banter. (Qty: 150 Label: Rhino)

2. The Black Keys - Lonely Boy. The first single to be taken from the bands upcoming album El Camino is being released on limited edition 12" for Black Friday. After the success of their brilliant albums Brothers and Attack and Release - it will be interesting to see what this sounds like. (Label: Nonesuch)

3. A must for all Janis Joplin fans, the Move Over 7" box set, includes 4 previously unreleased 7" singles, includes 6 previously unreleased sides and 2 rarities. For some reason it also includes a temporary tattoo replica of Janis' own tattoo a pointless inclusion unless its laced with LSD surely? (Qty: 200 Label: Legacy)

4. Hey, who here remembers the Kings of Leon before they had super model girlfriends and were scared of bird poo? I DO! While I am still a fan of the newer material I remember back when their best work was a song about their mother being high on prescription drugs succumbing to the charms of a travelling pastor. It seems the band (or at least their management) also remember this time and have released this Early Albums Box a 4LP Vinyl set which includes Youth & Young Manhood, Aha Shake Heartbreak, Because of The Times and a 4th LP featuring unreleased studio and live tracks picked by the band themselves. (Qty: 200 Label: Legacy)

5. How about some remastered Beatles singles? A box set of four 7” picture sleeves featuring some of the bands most recognisable songs: Ticket To Ride/Yes It Is, Hey Jude/Revolution, Something/Come Together and Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby the collection comes packaged in a bespoke metal tin and includes an RSD branded adaptor and poster. (Qty: 1500 Label: Apple)

6. The focus of this RSD Black Friday has most certainly been on re-releases and singles box sets but that’s fine by me, especially when the list includes this Nevermind singles box by Nirvana set. 20 years since the bands most defining and famous album was released this collection of Four 10" Ep’s (a total of 15 tracks) includes Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, Lithium, In Bloom and their respective b-sides. (Label: Ume)

7. Another oldie but not a re-release because until now fans could only hear bootleg copies, The Rolling Stones are releasing No Spare Parts on limited 7”, Originally written in 1978 during the sessions for the album Some Girls it failed to make the cut and has had new vocals recorded by Jagger for this release, the track will also feature on the forthcoming re-release of Some Girls. (Label: UMC)

8. I’m fascinated by the effort that has gone into Brendan Benson’s Upstairs At United, Vol. 1 the songs were recorded live direct to quarter inch tape, upstairs in the historic United Record Pressing party room, all analogue and cut at 45RPM for the ultimate listening experience. The 12" vinyl EP with custom jacket stickered and enclosed in polybag includes; Side A: 1. Candidate (David Bowie) 2. Strangers (Kinks) and Side B: 1. Beyond Belief (Elvis Costello) 2. Love Story (Randy Newman). (Label: 453 Music)

9. Love her or hate her, there is no escaping her, Lady Gaga has taken the pop world by storm in recent years, she’s mad as a hatter but she sells records and if her contributing this 7” of Marry the Night, her second RSD release, brings more casual record buyers through independent shop doors then fair play to the March Hare. (Label: UMC)

10. Growing up near me there was a massive wall must have been 20 metres long and someone had painted the words “All in all you’re just another brick in the wall” across the entire thing, I remember finding this remarkably profound for an eight year old, and it then became one of my favourite songs growing up. Its because of this memory that I’ve chosen Pink Floyd, The Wall Singles Box featuring; Another Brick in the Wall/One of My Turns, Comfortable Numb/Hey You and Run Like Hell/Don't Leave Me Now across 3 discs. (Qty: 500 Label: Capitol)

For a full list of Record Store Day Black Friday releases and details on how to find your nearest participating shop head over to

I’ve selected all vinyl and all are released especially for tomorrows event but if none of these take your fancy I still urge you to get down to your nearest shop and buy something. Why not tweet us pictures of you with your purchases to @the405 along with the hash tag #RSDBlackFriday and we’ll try and get a bit of a gallery together!