A hip hop the hippie the hippie and you got to stop for the record shop, I've used some expert vision to bring you some vinyl thats limited edition… ok, I'll leave the rhyming to the professionals and stick to telling you about records. Just in case you hadn't worked it out, I'm focussing on hip hop this week, and here are five special releases I've found that I think are must haves!

1. OK well first up this week I'm going for the late great Ol' Dirty Bastard, and one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time, Return to the 36 Chambers. This deluxe set comes in a clear sleeve and features the original album remastered as well as an oversized food stamp card replicating the iconic album cover. Grab your copy from here.

2. Keeping with Wu Tang for a bit longer, Ghostface Killah and New York rap god MF Doom have collaborated on a project called DOOMSTARKS and the first single 'Victory Laps' was released on limited edition picture disc. There were only 30 of these made available in the UK and Banquet have just 2 in stock! Listen to the track below and head here to order your copy.

3. Turning now to something a little more recent, The Money Store is technically the first album by Death Grips, as last years Exmillitary was billed as a mixtape. The trio are only releasing 500 copies of the new record on vinyl so you better get in with your pre-order quick, head here, then watch this video to one of the albums tracks 'Get Got'.

4. Limited to just 1000 copies, this Madlib special edition of Madlib Medicine Show 12 &13 comes with a original silk screened artwork by Jeff Jank and Gustavo Eandi, and is the only format the release will be available on. Side one features Medicine Show 12 and side two features the as yet unreleased Medicine Show 13. Head here.

5. Way back in 2004 Kanye West released one of my favourite debuts in hip-hop history, with the final track on The College Dropout told the story of how Kanye's rap game wasn't taken seriously by his mentor Jay Z, or anyone else for that matter. Well 8 years after making that record Jay-Z remains king, but West certainly does well as his prime minister, and when the pair announced they were releasing a collaborative album everyone knew it would be something special. Watch The Throne was released last year and has now been given this super deluxe release. It features two picture discs posters and gold embossed packaging, although it comes with a hefty price tag, £89.99 is the cheapest I've found it (here).

Also don't forget to take a look at the awesome documentary we made for Record Store Day featuring Little Boots, Get People, Deer Tick and Memoryhouse by clicking here.