(For effect please imagine that this week I am talking to you through the squawky PA system of a budget supermarket) Good afternoon shoppers, if I could just have a minute of your time I’d like to take you through some of the offers we have in-store for your purchasing pleasure this week.

In aisle one we have this lovely looking LP, true to form Mater Suspiria Vision’s latest release, 'inverted triangle ii', is a work of art in its own right before you even put needle to groove. The album comes with 6 interchangeable cover cards. The album features collaborations with How I Quit Crack, Shazzula, Marina Dellamore, Shivabel and more, available here.

Aisle two has the wonderful Summer Camp, available in various outlets the debut album by the nostalgic duo is out next week and has thankfully received a limited run of 500 copies on vinyl (but I think they should make a cassette version too). If you can’t get to one of their shows to grab your own copy then I’ve found it at its cheapest in Banquet and it comes with a bonus 4 track CD as well, here.

Make your way to aisle three and you can find yourself a real treat, a remastered 180 gram edition Bob Dylan’s Hard Rain. While this album has never been highly regarded it was recorded at a time when Dylan’s personal life was at its most chaotic, so its safe to say it captures his more raucous, maybe even punk side. Grab your copy here.

Down on four we have Palm Beach rockers Surfer Blood. The band have released this limited (only 1000 copies) edition EP, featuring remixes from the likes of Conner Hanwick (The Drums) and Sune Rose Wagner (The Ravonettes) as well as a live DVD and poster available here.

On aisle five today we have something I have already written about briefly for this site, Brooklyn based Rimar is receiving a vinyl re-issue of his EP Higher Ground courtesy of Bella Union. Set for release on 7th November you can hear the whole EP over on the artists own Bandcamp here. I guarantee the bass will make you go giddy and you can pre-order the vinyl here.

CLEAR UP ON AISLE SIX, CLEAR UP ON AISLE SIX – It would appear someone dropped a clanger, that someone being Jack White, collaborating with The Insane Clown Posse and none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Released online about a month ago poor old Mozart has been spinning in his grave at approximately 45 revolutions per second ever since, fitting then that this bizarre track has been given a 7” vinyl release, its just plain daft. I wouldn’t but if you want to you can buy it here.

Join me next week where I’ll be bringing you a bumper edition of this column giving you the run down on the best releases in celebration of Record Store Day’s Black Friday.