Hello vinyl fans! Apologies for the 3 week hiatus but rest assured, we’re back in business and back with an explosion of colour. We’ve got lenticular cover sleeves, an array of coloured vinyl, and one very, very special offering. So here you go, get stuck in and remember if you’re a label, artist or just another vinyl junkie and know of any limited edition releases coming up you can always recommend records for inclusion in this column by commenting below, or tweeting me @krisdesouza.

First choice this week is this a compilation of 70’s era Krautrock, Acid Jams and Motorik Rythms reworked by new up and coming artists like Dead Sea Apes, Bevis Frond and Earthling Society. Celebrating the 40th anniversary Germany’s ‘Brain’ label, Head Music is limited to just 700 copies on coloured vinyl buy yours here.

2011 was a big year for SBTRKT. Aside from setting the trnd fr drppng vwls from stuff, Aaron Jerome had a hit self-titled album. Now you can get your mits on a limited edition of fan favourite ‘Hold On’ featuring Sampha as well as the new instrumental track ‘Ride to Freedom’. Available on 12” it comes packaged in a lenticular sleeve, that’s a hologram type image that changes as you move the sleeve. Have a listen below and buy a copy here.

With their new album Reading Too Much Into Things out in May, The School are releasing their new single ‘Never Thought I’d See The Day’ will be released on a white 7” and limited to just 700 copies. A lovely track from the welsh eight piece, buy here.

Another white vinyl but this time limited to 1000 copies comes from Spritualized. The 90’s veterans are releasing their 7th studio album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light on 16th April and while available on all formats the limited edition vinyl has been reserved for independent shops only, kudos guys, get yours here.

Finally, this one sounds amazing, psychedelic legends The Flaming Lips this was originally only sold at the bands New Years Eve gigs in Oklahoma. These four track EP’s see the band collaborate with Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band and come limited to just two thousand copies on, wait for it, waaaiiiiiit, GLOW IN THE DARK VINYL, sick. Exclusive to Rough Trade you can pre order your copy here and check out one of the tracks, ‘Do It’ below.