To complete our Aldous Harding appreciation week, we take you deep into her favourite records courtesy of this wonderful Record Shopper feature. Again, Jennifer Lo was there to catch all the action.

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Record Shopping with Aldous Harding
Record Shopping with Aldous Harding
Record Shopping with Aldous Harding
Record Shopping with Aldous Harding
Record Shopping with Aldous Harding
Record Shopping with Aldous Harding
Record Shopping with Aldous Harding

Spacegirl & Other Favorites - Brian Jonestown Massacre

This is one of those albums that made me want to run away with a band. They have nice attitude and I love the idea of walking into a room where Brian is noodling, getting high (although a nightmare for me) and smashing out some sweet tambourine that's so on point that he asks me to join the band and be with him forever. Although not my favourite BJT record, I love the washy guitar stuff, I admit it.

How Sad How Lovely - Connie Converse

I was very surprised to find this record and less surprised to see that I had no money to buy it. I've been rocking over this woman for about five months trying to find out what makes her so easy to listen to. She sounds like your sweet Aunt in a bed sheet teepee and her guitar playing is swish. I think for a young lady I find her take on observing as a young lady on point. Her compositions are tasteful and elegant, I hate to think she stopped writing after she disappeared.

The Second Time Around - Etta James

What can I say, it's Etta James. 'Fool That I Am' is the stuff I listen to on a bridge all done up after I've left my love in the restaurant wondering what he's done. 'Don't Get Around Much Anymore' when they leave me.

Filth - Swans

I actually came across a record that reminded me a so much of Filth called SePuKku years ago and now I also have a bit of a thing for SPK. Although I don't listen to a lot of either these days the music affects me deeply and was very nearly my sister path.

Pink Moon - Nick Drake

I say Five Leaves Left is my jam, and it is, but Pink Moon is certainly my favourite. It has a lovely day-time-triumph about it which is probably why I hooned it in my teens. Think 'Place To Be' was the first one I attempted.

Daddy's Highway - The Bats

The Bats are wonderful. In fact most of what came out of Dunedins indie rock scene in the '80s was pretty great. This album is spectacular, totally makes me think of home and being in Joe's old truck on our way to the river. This means nothing to you but it's my interview.

Satan Is Real - The Louvin Brothers

The sound of two Brothers coming down on you with the harmony bound punishment of the Lord is pretty sexy. Satans Jeweled Crown makes me laugh in my body but in my heart I know it will turn to ash in my mouth and these siblings suits will stay white behind their instruments.

And believe it or not, I can't for the life of me remember the last one I chose!