Record Shopping with Anna of the NorthShura - Nothing's Real: I've loved Shura from when I first heard 'Touch'. We've played on the same bill at a few festivals, and she's great live! I would love to work together on something someday.

Record Shopping with Anna of the NorthTLC - CrazySexyCool: Who doesn't love TLC , right?! I've always been a big fan of R&B and this album was a bit of a soundtrack to my youth.

Record Shopping with Anna of the NorthLauren Hill - Miseducation of: This is such an amazing album from start to finish, I love all the skits and the themes that run throughout the album. It's aged amazingly well, it still sounds fresh today and is nearly 20 years old!

Record Shopping with Anna of the NorthBlood Orange - Freetown Sound: I absolutely love the last album Cupid Deluxe, I'm a bit late coming to this one and looking forward to checking it out. Dev Hynes is a genius.

Record Shopping with Anna of the NorthThe XX - XX: This is probably my favourite of their albums although I like everything they've done. It's amazing how consistent they are across all their records.


Anna of the North's debut album, Lovers, is due out on September 8th via Different Recordings. Check out the video for 'Someone' below. Thanks again to Rough Trade for being such gracious hosts.