Record Shopping with Cub Sport at Rough Trade EastThe Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots: On the New Years of 2012-13 The Flaming Lips played at Falls Festival in Australia and it was incredible. Wayne was inside a giant bubble walking over the audience and the energy was huge. They played 'Do You Realize??' and it was so beautiful I cried. I went back and listened to a bunch of their albums after that New Years and this one has remained a favourite ever since.


Record Shopping with Cub Sport at Rough Trade EastNick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree: There’s a documentary that accompanies the record called One more time with feeling that I’d recommend watching if you’ve never heard this album. There’s such a weight to every song on this record, try and listen to it and not feel something.


Record Shopping with Cub Sport at Rough Trade EastHatchie - Sugar and Spice EP: This EP holds a very special place in my heart, reminding me of a really magical and formative season of my life. We’ve been close friends with Hatchie for years now and I so vividly remember hearing the demo of her first single, Try, the first time at a party we threw at our old share-house. At the end of the night, the masses had cleared out leaving just our closest friends and we all ended up sharing music we’d been making. When Try came on, there was such a euphoria energy and excitement and we all knew we were hearing something special. Hatchie creates such a uniquely beautiful and full-blown emotional experience with her music and to see that connecting with people all across the world is really incredible to see.


Record Shopping with Cub Sport at Rough Trade EastFleetwood Mac - Rumours : I tried to find Neil Young's Harvest Moon, but that wasn’t in stock so I picked another of my favourite albums - Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. We’ve spent a lot of time on the road this year and I always find these songs really comforting to listen to. I’ve got a lot of special memories attached to this album so it’s like a nice little slice of home whenever I hear it.

Cub Sport's new single, 'Sometimes', is out now. Tickets for their February UK tour are on sale now over here.